Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Road Rage teased...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Road Rage sketches

Aaand we're back. Chicken-scratch sketches I did on the subway in a little 4" by 3" moleskin notebook. These are where the designs are headed for Road Rage (see post below). Considering the story takes place 5-10 years after Road Test, I decided to make the characters look a little different, hence they'll move differently too, and hopefully that'll give me a fresh outlook on how to animate 'em.

Mr. Dot (left) and Gabe (right) in the Road Test

Gabe's a frustrated schoolbus driver in Road Rage; Mr. Dot returns as a Cop (some road test instructors, I've found out, are cops or ex-cops). Two characters are missing from this page: the new ones..."Adam," the rebellious 9 year old that Gabe has to drop off and DeSeve, the main baddie of the story (that name sounds familiar, doesn't it? ;) . Hopefully they'll be coming soon.