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It's one of those warehouses that you always see during your commute---you're never sure what exactly is going on in there.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Doing some more sketches before animation begins 1-2-11.

Walking away and returning to the animatic after a week has helped a lot; it put a lot of story points that I was concerned about, into perspective. The pace was leaping from mountain top to mountain top, which isnt really healthy for a 5 minute story.

At one point in the plot, there was a double cross. In keeping with the conventions of the heist genre, that's what is expected. I decided to cut it because the story was overcrowded. In doing that, some things need retooling (an understatement!) but hopefully it'll feel like 1 story and not 2.

So I'll be doing more revisions before the year's end. Can't wait to start animating!

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Plotting an action setpiece in Maya with simple shapes. If it works, it should play like a 16 year old's Four-Loko fueled version of a car crash.

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"Pinhead" screening at NewFilmmakers this Winter.

Pinhead is screening at the NewFilmmakers Winter screening series in NYC February 23, 2011. It'll be playing 6 PM along with several animated shorts. More information here(click past January).

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Big gun