Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Dean.

This is "Dean," the trusty warden of my next film, "Jail-Bait." These are the first few doodles/sketches of him. For sure, I want him to be a little older than the other characters I've designed before (late 40s perhaps), and I'm still working on whether I want to give him a handicap, to contrast the baddie of the story, DeSeve (a prisoner that's a freak of nature). I was thinking either a wooden arm, leg or a limp for Dean. All of these details go towards making him more of an underdog, because I don't want the viewer to root for the bad guy. In fact, I want his disability to be just as interesting as "DeSeve"'s somewhat super-ability. I'll try to post some more sketches of DeSeve (full body, I promise!) soon.

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