Monday, October 13, 2008

ToonBoom vs Flash drawing

I decided to put up a side-by-side comparison, ToonBoom Digital vs. Flash. The reason I made the switch is because the drawing engine in TB is worlds better than Flash's (and if this ends up as a quote on ToonBoom's site, I'm suing). Usually in Flash, when I draw an object, I get a wonky sorta line with the brush tool. I have to resort to smoothing and kerning the lines. It's lots of nips and tucks and it slows me down. In TB you just draw an image and it appears as you drew it, no extra chunks on your lines.

That's the main reason I bought it; I still intend on compositing in After Effects. The learning curve for ToonBoom (or what I needed to know) was a little steep, to be honest and I'm not really a fan of the program's cute little interface/buttons that requires you to do three steps for what would have taken 1 in Flash. But it's the drawing engine that really matters.

ABOVE: A quick Brush drawing of Gabe with the Brush tool in ToonBoom. No smoothing or kerning or any of that involved..

BELOW: The same drawing traced over in Adobe Flash with the program's Brush, no smoothing or kerning involved, just a first rough pass.

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