Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 22

Rough animation of the moment Newsom quits his job.

I'm trying this shot from another angle:

This shot is going to get crazier. As written above the scene is the usual "clearing out of the desk when a character quits" scene with a different twist: We're going to see him throw his stuff into the cardboard box he is holding without any cuts or edits (i.e., like attaching a camera to an actor's waist). Sort of what Mark Romanek did to Mick Jagger in the "God Gave Me Everything I Want" video:
I think it'll be interesting to see how this technique turns out with a stylized character!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the thrilling conclusion. I've seen the MRM version...what about the ogilvy?

Matt D. Lee said...

haha. I haven't seen the dynamic duo work at ogilvy yet.