Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 85

"Oh, crap" from matt lee on Vimeo.

Edited the first half of my film last tonight. As it stands, one scene was deleted and three new shots need to be animated (for clarity reasons). Most importantly...I have a gut feeling that I need to set up/reveal the voodoo doll plot device earlier. Way earlier.

I envisioned it being a surprise/twist but in essence, it's the engine that the story runs on. I guess you never really know how these things work out until you see it put together. In this case---I'm putting together the hot rod while racing it.

I didn't make an animatic for this film. I made one for my last, "Road Rage," and that process didn't turn out too well (the third act of the story completely changed from what was in the animatic). Generally I make animatics and stick to 'em for jobs, but for my own films I feel it's a detriment to the process (ask my thesis advisor how nuts I drove her and vice versa). I get bored easily, so looking at the animatic day after day after day would make me second-guess myself....if there's one thing that people have commented on about the short list of films I've made, it's that they have a spontaneous energy to them. I'm a huge improv junkie, and I love watching shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade. I took Improv 101 there too, so that's probably where my sensibility comes from.

That being said, I'm going to edit together the last half of my film later this evening and see what the damage is. :)

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