Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 90

I'm leaning toward the image above as the final choice for Newsom's color scheme. As you'll notice in the others below he is wearing a solid color shirt that has no white. That's for a specific reason, as his Doll wears the same colors too, and that plays a big part in the ending.

Obviously, if Newsom ends up wearing blue, I can't have Korchin wearing blue as well. That's sort of like having two characters in a movie called William and Bill.

The image above is one extreme direction that Korchin's color can go: I wanted to see what it would look like if I gave him one of those fake tans that a lot of stockbrokers have. But I fear it might be too distracting. Or maybe not. The guy is supposed to be a pompous prick, so maybe that'll add to it.

I'm having a blast coloring. ToonBoom has this great feature I just discovered called Auto Gap Closing. You can turn on three options while coloring: Close Small Gap, Close Medium Gap and Close Large Gap. So you don't have to zoom into pieces of your drawing that might have openings. Which is a huge time saver. So thank you, Toon Boom for making the post-prod process easier,,,(insert smiley, thumbs up approval here).

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