Monday, September 8, 2008

Color Testing

I'm starting to do some quick color tests for "Road Rage." The animatic is completed (but of course, will always be evolving!) I've gotten some great feedback on it and generally people seem to like it...for a rough draft. Animation has been pushed back to October as I need to start building the School Bus, Segway, Ferrari and universal cars in Maya this month.

(ABOVE) Size reference

(BELOW) GABE. Anger type: Passive-Aggressive. One of the goals of "Road Rage" is to make a fat school bus driver an action hero!

(ABOVE) OFFICER DOT. Anger type: Passive. The muscle of the will BELIEVE a STOP SIGN can be used as a lethal weapon!

(BELOW) DeSEVE. Anger type: AGGRESSIVE. When a fat school bus driver gets into a fender bender with your brand new Ferrari, it's time to break out the deadly contortionist chops.

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