Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road Test.

For those who missed the first movie, here is "Road Test."

Awards & Other Notable Nonsensical Puffery: #1 Region for November 2007; #1 in Animation for February 2008; 6th Place ILaughShortFest; Honorable Mention at the Tribeca Underground Film Festival for May 2007. Official Selection for the DC Shorts Film Festival for September 2008. And 1st Place for ASIFA EAST May 2007 (Just KIDDING. HOWEVER, three people who attended *that* judging screening told me that it received very, very high scores). Go figure. Road Test has its fans. :)

"Road Test" was my first post-college short film. It definitely meant a lot to me for a few reasons: (1) I wanted to get into a groove of making films consistently. (2) It was somewhat cathartic for me because I based it off my experience at one of my first jobs, where I felt like I had a gun to my head (or sometimes, in my mouth)...or, more directly, it felt like I was taking a road test...the pressure of being scrutinized under a microscope. Wa-la! Inspiration! (3) I felt like I had to do a penance for my thesis film (which hopefully will never see the light of day again, lol. (4) I started off making comedy with animation when I was a kid, and then somewhere along the line, my short films in college got darker (culminating in my thesis film which was the stereotypical dark student film) I wanted to see if I could tell a joke again.

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