Monday, September 22, 2008

DeSeve color test: HEAD.

Another challenge of "Road Rage" is drawing a character on-model (something, admittedly, I have never done, not even at the studios, with the advent of so many Flash puppeted projects in NYC). Matt Jenkins (of "Venture Bros." fame :) has been designing the villain of my story, "DeSeve" over this past summer. I'm pretty happy with the designs. It'll definitely give the film a different visual style than "Road Test," as I want this story to be a stand-alone (but of course, it'll be slightly more amusing if you've seen the previous film, due to where the original characters end up). So I've been drawing DeSeve over and over again. The image above was drawn in Flash. I just installed Windows XP on a small portion of my Mac drive because Maya 8's Vector Renderer is NOT available on Mac, only 32-bit Windows (which sucks, considering that I bought a Mac to run away from Windows). I also got a chance to install Toon Boom 4 on Windows so I'm going to try to play with it a bit to see if I can animate Road Rage entirely in ToonBoom as opposed to Flash, even though people have told me that Road Test didn't look like it was animated in Flash.

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